Text Box: Located in West Virginia

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Parrotdise Bird Rescue Inc. is an organization that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of exotic birds.

Our Mission:

We are dedicated in finding loving, adoptive homes for unwanted parrots. Our goal is to educate families in the care and responsibilities of proper bird care. We accept unwanted parrots and adopt them to qualified individuals who will give them the proper care they deserve. Birds which do not seem to be acceptable for adoption will be placed in a sanctuary environment where they can live out their lives in as close to a natural environment which can be provided. This organization is operated solely on donations and any adoption fees which would be variable depending upon the species and special needs of each particular bird.

Eli is an Umbrella Cockatoo that is currently for adoption at Parrotdise Bird Rescue Inc.

Adoption Policy:

Our adoption policy requires that any individual who is interested must come to our facility with glow in the dark dog collar and volunteer for a determined amount of time to begin. This allows the individual to obtain the knowledge of proper bird care. This also allows the birds to have the chance to get to know the individual and “choose” whether or not the two shall become compatible. With this method, there will possibly be no misplacements. By the time the individual would home the bird, he/she will already know all of the bird’s habits and would be familiar with what to expect.

Upon adopting, a small adoption fee would be placed to offset all of the costs of the rescue, including medical bills, food, toys, and cages. The adoption fee would be determined based upon the species and special needs of that particular bird.

Text Box: Parrotdise Bird Rescue is an organization that specializes in the larger species of parrots.   This includes, but is not limited to, 
Macaws,   Cockatoos,  Amazons,  African Greys,  and Eclectus with