How To Teach Your Parrot To Talk (Video Tutorial)

Everyone wants their parrot to talk. I can see why. It’s cool to have a talking parrot. That’s what they are known for. But it’s important to understand that not all parrots talk, so make sure you are fully prepared for this reality before getting a parrot. It depends on the species and many other factors. But despite this, let’s take a look at how to train your parrot to talk.

The easiest way to teach your parrot to talk, is to just talk to it. Parrots will listen and repeat what you say (so watch what you say as they might repeat it!). To take this a step further, pick a few phrases and keep repeating them in front of your bird. This will increase the likelihood of them actually saying those phrases! It’s literally this simple. Don’t over complicate this process.

What you should never do is put too much pressure on the bird or yourself when going through this speech training. It will either come naturally, or it won’t.

For more tips, check out this quick video:

Did any of these tips help? Leave a comment below to let us know what worked and what didn’t. Did you get your parrot to talk, and how long did it take? Let us know in the comments.

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